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All Customized Solutions

Customized Security Solutions at REIT strive to provide you variety of security product that are designed to meet your specific needs and your budget fledged with 24 hour monitoring and technical support. Our Customized Security Solutions are listed below:-

1. Home Security System

For Home Security REIT provide surveillance cameras it is available in both wired and wireless configurations. Surveillance cameras can be accessed remotely on computers, smart phones, and tablets.

2. Commercial Security System

We offer the method or service by which a business or commercial property will safe and secure that is called Commercial security. It is used in a critical aspect of doing business is keeping information, inventory, and people safe at the business location, which is often referred to as loss prevention or asset protection.

3. Vehicle Tracking System

REIT implements an innovative web-enabled “On-line Vehicle Tracking System” to track and monitor all kinds of vehicle fleet like school buses, taxi & cabs, ambulance, army vehicles etc. VTS Tracking System is the correct choice for individuals and also the industries where there is a wide geographical spread of vehicles which cater to daily activities and where the primary focus areas are the monitoring, configuring and tracking of those vehicles, keeping a stringent eye on them. REIT offers modern vehicle tracking system using GPS technology for locating the customer’s vehicle if lost or theft. It can find the exact location, vehicle speed, time and direction of the vehicle.

4. Kids Tracking System

A countless number of children go missing every year and in most of the cases we never get to know the reason behind. So in order to provide real time tracking and security of our loved ones REIT has come up with innovative security solutions for kids. REIT GPS based Kids Tracking system is specially designed and customized to save our children’s from go missing by keeping an eye on them from the comfort of our home.
Our Kids Tracking System allows you to monitor your child from anywhere in the world. You can keep in touch throughout the day. Whether it’s a call to let them know you are running late or just a check to see they arrived at their friend’s house, you can have give you peace of mind by adapting to our technology.
It keeps your kids safe by-

  • • Timely updating your child’s location by combining GPS location with Google Maps and Google Satellite view,
  • • Setting up safe areas or boundaries and receive SMS notifications when your child enters or leaves them like school, parks etc
  • • Linking safe numbers that can call your child’s tracking system and that they can also call.

5. Cargo Tracking System

RIn order to take significant step towards automating cargo transit facilitation, REIT India has introduced Cargo Tracking System which is a superior tracking technology to track your cargo container anywhere in the world. This is a significant move that will simplify border formalities, reduce transit time, ensure safety of the consignments and boost bilateral trade. This new modality would immensely benefit Indian traders as it would ensure safe and secure transit, simplified border formalities, reduction in transit time and transaction cost and improved shipment visibility.
The system incorporates Real-time tracking of cargo from point of loading to point of discharge or offloading. Thus:

  • • It provides cargo security.
  • • Preventing dumping of goods in transit or theft.
  • • Expedited clearance at loading and off-loading points.
  • • Readily accessible and customized reports: That provides ready data for decision making on movement of goods and trucks’ locations.
  • • Sending regular interval notification of cargo.

6. Transportation Tracking System

Our GPS based transporter services aims on transforming the transportation industry with GPS technology to provide various services with ease of making payment. With GPS transporter system, you can monitor vehicle speed, routes, engine start up and shut down, idling and routes. You can also have real time location access of the transporting vehicle.
For the business that operates through a fleet of vehicles, it is crucial to have information about the whereabouts of any given vehicle at any time. Using the technology you can easily locate your vehicles, effectively plan drivers’ assignments and manage costs. And you will know the exact cause of delay in delivery if there is any. This also helps in sending as alert in case of theft of vehicle and assists you to take appropriate actions against the crime. This technology also ensures driver’s safety by checking driving behavior by preventing them from over speeding and rash driving. It also reduces transport cost and increases delivery reliability while serving as collaboration software for shipper companies, their customers and the transportation companies. We also customize software solution for GPS as per transporter need.

7. IoT Security Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions by REIT focuses on creating safer cities, homes, and businesses by enabling both private and public organizations to securely and remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time with smart and affordable security and surveillance solutions.

Roles and Benefit of REIT IoT Solutions

REIT IoT security and surveillance solutions enable individual, home and organizations owners to:

  • 1. Manage and control surveillance devices remotely to monitor all aspects of a facility.
  • 2. Make smarter decisions about the best course of action to take based on real-time security conditions.
  • 3. Determine when there is a false alarm without having to physically inspect the location or unnecessarily dispatch law enforcement.
  • 4. Collect and analyze data to make important improvements to security processes and systems
The greatest benefit of using REIT IoT solutions for your security system is the ability to prevent the loss of critical assets. It allows you to:
  • 1. Gain greater visibility over who enters and leaves a facility in real-time.
  • 2. Consistently and securely monitor facility conditions from any location with Wi-Fi access.
  • 3. Act quickly on important security alerts delivered right to their mobile device.

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