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REIT IOT Solutions

Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions by REIT focuses on creating safer cities, homes, and businesses by enabling both private and public organizations to securely and remotely monitor facilities and public spaces in real-time with smart and affordable security and surveillance solutions.

Role and Benefit of REIT IoT Solutions

REIT IoT security and surveillance solutions enable individual, home and organizations owners to:

  • • Manage and control surveillance devices remotely to monitor all aspects of a facility.
  • • Make smarter decisions about the best course of action to take based on real-time security conditions.
  • • Determine when there is a false alarm without having to physically inspect the location or unnecessarily dispatch law enforcement.
  • • Collect and analyze data to make important improvements to security processes and systems
The greatest benefit of using REIT IoT solutions for your security system is the ability to prevent the loss of critical assets. It allows you to:
  • • Gain greater visibility over who enters and leaves a facility in real-time.
  • • Consistently and securely monitor facility conditions from anywhere, anytime sitting in any part of the world.
  • • Act quickly on important security alerts delivered right to their mobile device.

Security Factors under REIT IoT Solution:

  • Encryption: Ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your property with advanced data encryption technology
  • Secure Networking: Transfer your data over highly secure SSL and TLS communication frameworks
  • Session Management: Control how and when you login with smart-session ID and expiration timeout management
  • Permissions: Manage who is able to access which resource with role-based permissions for all your different user types
  • Authentication: Make sure the right users are accessing the right resources with real -time Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
  • Auditing: Comprehensive auditing, monitoring and reporting
  • Validation:: Leverage our powerful built-in data validation frameworks

Under REIT IoT solutions, we develop dynamic systems and process millions of events and alerts. It also enables in bridging the gap between devices and business by collecting and analyzing diverse IoT data at web-scale across connected devices, customers and applications.

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