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REIT IT Services

REIT India believes in helping customers to adopt new-generation security technologies and overcoming challenges growing due to lacks of such security solution. We follow a modernized approach by applying security technologies enabling our clients to differentiate themselves from others.

Main IT Services are:-

1. Cloud Recording

REIT offer optional cloud recording plans so the users can review the past video any time they want. Cloud recording means we securely store the customer recording video to the cloud encrypted server so customer can watch it later, anytime, anywhere. Features of Cloud Recording:-

  • • It record 24/7 to safe and reliable off-site cloud storage.
  • • Access, view, and manage your recordings at any time.
  • • Easily find and share video evidence when needed (e.g. with the authorities or an insurance company)
  • • Freely take a peek into home or business using Surveillance Network to see what’s happening on your cameras in real time.

2. Customize Software

REIT also customized software development as per our clients' requirements to serve with strategic benefits. With Software Customization, we make clear their views and draft a blueprint accordingly their requirement. We have a dynamic team of talented software developers who are experienced in developing robust and efficient systems.

3. Maintenance

Businesses usually require to change over the period of time which can be due to technological advancements. As part of our app maintenance and support services, we can modify a developed app to include an out-of-the-box feature enabling our clients to keep pace with the current technology.

4. Database Security

REIT provide the security of data that enter by our client through the app. The information of subscriber keep safe with secure network support solution.

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