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Surveillance & Security Solutions

Surveillance is the observation of behaviour and activities from a particular distance through an electronic equipment.These used equipments are like closed-circuit television (CCTV) or interception of electronically transmitted information. Basically, surveillance is used by all authentic or previlliged organisations to gathering information about their identification, competitors and prevention of crime.

REIT India, coming with innovative technology using surveillance and security system with access and visibility from anywhere.To digitize India, we provide such security system that access publicaly and privately for their safety. We analysed and designed that model that come to meet the needs of the normal person and affordable to all. REIT India specialized in integrated video with high quality and less deployment risks. It offers component supportive and rich platform for rapid growth of smart and digital India at inexpensive rate.

Services that provided by us:

Less deployment risks: REIT enterprises less deployment risks for execution at moderate cost.

Multi-layered security: It offers multi-layered security for intruders and act as honeypots.

Access control system: REIT customized accessing the data whether it is placed on one location or multiple locations all accross the country. Our new approach is that, it is afforable to all over country at lower price.

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